Ignalla Salnikov


First Name: Ignalla
Family Name: Salnikov
Race: Quarter planear (Fire) / 75% Human
Gender: Female
Age/Category: 14 / Teen
Attraction Rating: Above Average
Social Power: Class 5
Height: 5
Weight: 4

Skill Grade:
Martial: 2.5
Archery: 1.5
Magic: 2.5
Mental: 2
Physical: 2
Acrobat: 2
Charm: 3
Grit: 2

Additional Notes
Skin Color: Ruddy Bronze
Eye Color: Burning orange
Hair Color: Fire
Hair Type: It’s made of Fire
Hair Length: Shoulder length, grows with anger
Bust Size: AA-cup

Head: /
Face: /
Neck: /
Torso: Red overalls /
L. Arm: /
L. Hand: Oven mitt/
R. Arm: /
R. Hand: Oven mitt/
Hip: /
L. Leg:Pants leg /
L. Foot:Sandal /
R. Leg: Pants leg/
R. Foot: Sandal/


Ignalla Salnikov

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