Nix Lumen


First Name: Nix
Family Name: Lumen
Race: Glacial Soul
Gender: Female
Age/Category: 14/Ageless (29 years of existance)
Attraction Rating: Above Average
Social Power: Class 5
Height: 5 (7)
Weight: 3 (6) (T0 Muscle)

Skill Grade:
Martial: 1
Archery: 2
Magic: 3
Mental: 2
Physical: 1
Acrobat: 2
Charm: 2
Grit: 2

Additional Notes
Skin Color: Pale
Eye Color: Silver
Hair Color: Silver
Hair Type: Wavy
Hair Length: Shoulder
Bust Size: B-Cup

Head: Fur hat/
Face: /
Neck: Fur Collar/
Torso: Dress, Ice Crystal floating by back/
L. Arm: /
L. Hand: Crystal and fur wristband and bracelet/
R. Arm: /
R. Hand: Crystal and fur wristband and bracelet/
Hip: /
L. Leg: Fur Trim/
L. Foot: Clear Sandals/
R. Leg: Fur Trim/
R. Foot: Clear Sandals/


Nix Lumen

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